What is Maadhaar App:

Maadhaar App is an official app launched by govt of india to ease the tasks related to aadhar card which has been launched for android and ios users by using this app users can link aadhaar card through app. In any case if you do not have aadhaar then you can download aadhaar card through this app, In this app three accounts can be linked in one app, in today's time every user uses mobile, In any condition if you forget your aadhar card at your home then you can use this app. You can secure this app with the help of password and can do all aadhaar related work from your mobile app.

Use of Maadhaar App:

In today's time everyone likes to use smart phone, in such a situation if you want to use maadhaar app in your mobile then the question will come in your mind that what is the use of maadhaar app? so let's understand about uses of this app.

Follow these process to use eaadhar maadhar app:

  • Through this app you can use your aadhar card anywhere through mobile.
  • You can use maadhaar app in your android or ios device.
  • In case of non-availability of aadhar card you can do aadhar card related work through your phone.
  • Maadhaar app can be used in all types of android phone but your aadhar must be linked with the mobile number which is using on the phone.
  • If your mobile number is not linked with Aadhar card then you will not be able to avail this facility.
  • You can secure your aadhar card with this app and you don’t need to take all time of aadhar card.

Download Maadhaar App Online:

If you are an smart phone user and want to use maadhaar app in your phone and if you want to know how to download eaadhar card from aadhaar App? Then you have to understand the downloading process of this app so that you can easily do this. To install the app on your mobile, read the information given here to download this app.

The process to download maadhaar:

On first step open Google play store for android phone users and iphone Users can open Apple Play store.

  • Here you search maadhaar app using search box.
  • After searching the app, you click on the install button.
  • The Maadhar app will be downloaded in your mobile phone which you install.
  • You can link your Aadhar card by opening this app in your mobile.
  • In this app you get option to set password where you can set 4 digit password.

How to Manage Maadhaar App:

Maadhaar app can be used in many places because many times you forget your aadhar card at home but mobile phone is always with you, So if this app will be in your mobile and aadhar will be linked with this app then you can use this app through aadhar card can be used. To know about how to use maadhaar app, read the information given below.

  1. First of all open maadhaar app in your mobile.
  2. After this you enter the 4 digit password.
  3. When the app is opened, you can link it by entering the Aadhar card number.
  4. Your Aadhaar details will be sent to your mobile after your aadhaar is linked.
  5. Finally you can access your aadhaar details anywhere through your phone.

How to Create Maadhaar App Account:

If you want to use maadhaar app and want to know how to login maadhaar app then for this we are telling you an easy way by which you can login and create the new account on Maadhar app.

  • First of all launch maadhaar app.
  • In the main dashboard of the app you have to click on the option of register aadhaar.
  • You have to set 4 digit password for security.
  • You have to add your Aadhar card number.
  • After this you will have the option to fill the captcha which you fill.
  • An OTP will come on the mobile number linked with your aadhaar card, through which you can link aadhaar with this app.

Benefits of Using Maadhaar App:

The purpose of launching maadhar app is to give more convenience to the people but most of the people do not know about this app so if you want to know about the benefits of this app then read the information given here.

  • Many times when you go out, every time you do not go with your original aadhar card because there is a fear of missing it, In such a situation you can use maadhaar app.
  • Using this app you can access your aadhar card through mobile app.
  • Maadhaar app can be used in all types of android and ios phones.
  • You can protect this app with the help of the password you have entered.
  • Through this app you can share your aadhar card information in the form of QR code which is an easy process.

The use of aadhar card has become mandatory for almost every indian citizen in today's time. Maadhar app is a useful app using which you can use eadhar card, anywhere by using mobile, For this you do not need to carry aadhar card everywhere in your pocket. For more information related to aadhar card you can visit our www.eadharcard.com website you can get more aadhar card related information from here in this platform.

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