Update Ration Card to Aadhar Card Number:

In today's time, every person uses the Aadhar card for his identity. Similarly, if you use ration card to take advantage of government services, Then you should link your aadhar card with the ration card so that you are not deprived of any kind of government facility.

What is Ration Card?

Ration card is one of the main documents, A ration card contains the names of family members. Ration cards are used to take benefit of many government schemes. It is also used to make documents like driving license, passport, etc, and used as address proof.

With the help of Internet link ration card with aadhar card, the government is working to deliver rice, wheat, pulses, etc. to the needy, there are many people who are taking advantage of government facilities with the help of ration card. For the people living below the poverty line, the government provides many types of facilities so that poor people can live their lives easier. But through the ration card, many people take advantage of this and do black marketing, to prevent which the aadhar card is being linked with the ration card, in such a situation, all the consumers should link the aadhar and the ration among themselves.

Required Documents to Link Ration Card with Aadhar Card:

To take advantage of government services, it is necessary to update ration card to aadhar card so that you can easily get all the facilities coming from the government, but there is a question in the mind of many people that Link Ration Card with Aadhar Card should be interconnected. Some documents are mandatory to link in Aadhar card like email ID, mobile number (linked to Aadhar) is required for this, any citizen can link his aadhar card with ration card online with the help of these documents. People can do link Ration Card with Aadhar Card online sitting at home with the help of the internet.

Important Documents for Link Ration Card with Aadhar Card:

  • Passport Size Photo
  • Email ID
  • Mobile Number
  • Bank Passbook Photo Copy(When Aadhaar not linked with the bank account)

Process to Link Aadhar Card With Ration Card Online:

All Indian citizens can easily Link Ration Card with Aadhar Card for this it is necessary to have internet in your device, here we will tell you some easy processes with the help of which you can do update ration card to aadhar card:

  1. First of all you have to open google on your device, after that you visit the eadharcard.com website.
  2. After this you will see the button of start now on which you click.
  3. Here you will get the option to fill in the address.
  4. Then you have to choose the ration card benefit from the given many options.
  5. Now the option to fill in some more details will appear in front of you where you fill in your ration card number, aadhar card number, e-mail address, and registered mobile number.
  6. After this, an OTP will come on your registered mobile number, Then your aadhar card will be linked with the ration card. In this way, you can Link Ration Card with Aadhar Card through the given process.

Steps to Link Ration Card with Aadhar Card Offline:

If you do not use a smartphone or computer, Then you can also do an offline Link Ration Card with Aadhar Card, for you should complete the process by reading the information given here.

  1. According to the unique identification authority of India (UIDAI) you have to visit the ration center to Link Ration Card to Aadhar Card.
  2. At the ration center, you will also have to give the photo of the head of the family and the aadhar card of other people.
  3. Apart from this, your fingerprint can also be matched at the ration center.
  4. Here you will also have to provide a photocopy of the bank passbook to give your account number.
  5. After this, through your registered number your aadhaar is linked with the ration card.

In this way, on the basis of the information given here, you can Link Ration Card with Aadhar Card offline and take advantage of the facilities coming from the government without any hindrance.

Mera Ration App Launched By Govt:

Now my ration app has been launched by the government of India, this app is mainly designed for those who take the benefits of the ration card, this app can be used by any user through his mobile app. With the help of this, the user can now get all the ration-related details in his mobile itself, you can download the ration app on your mobile through the play store or apple app store if you are an ios user.

After open, the app enters your ration card number and get information about all the schemes and there is a mention in the details of the ration, in this way, having a detail mention in the app, everyone gets the ration of their entitlement and helps to prevent hoarding, the government had launched this app under one nation one ration card, Which can be used many users are taking ration.

It is also very easy to use this app, Any user can easily download After that you have to login with your registered mobile number, Then you can login from any other place. You can take ration it is beneficial for those people who keep changing their location frequently, In such a way this app can prove to be useful for you. In this way, you can cooperate with the government in promoting Digital India by using an online app.

Benefits of Update Ration Card to Aadhar Card:

Aadhar card is used as an identity card since an aadhar card is made through all the fingerprints of the person, It is difficult to hack, so in today's time, Aadhar card is considered as an identity card in every field. You can also read for more information on our site.

Apart from this, In many government and private fields, the aadhar card is included in the necessary documents, So it is necessary to update ration card to aadhar card, so that black marketing in the field of the ration can be easily stopped, So this is done necessary steps have been taken by the government because the facility provided by the government can reach the right person.

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