Download eAadhar Card Online:

Everyone in India has a 12-digit number assigned to them, known as Aadhar, which not only identifies them but also gives them access to a variety of services. There is little doubt that udai, the Indian government's unique identification authority (which works under the planning commission of India), is responsible for overseeing the whole process.

Please visit here to download eAadhar Card, which will be downloaded by name & date of birth, Aadhar number, EID, Virtual ID, and without Mobile number. This card is currently required in our nation. In order to engage in any government or non-government activity, you must furnish your Aadhar number. When it comes to EID, every institution and government department uses the eaadhar card as evidence of identity.

Download eaadhar card online visiting the website. Your Aadhar card is issued to you based on a unique identifier that you are given when you enroll for the card.

EAadhar Card Download by Name & DOB:

With your name and birthdate, you may download Aadhar card. According to the steps below, you've been instructed on how to do this: The post mentions that eAadhar Download By Name and Date of Birth without OTP may also be downloaded. UIDAI's Aadhar card may be linked to your bank account for a variety of benefits.

  1. Go to the official website of Eaadhar Download.
  2. Enter your Enrollment ID in the box provided on the webpage.
  3. Your Aadhar card's name must be entered.
  4. In the following step, enter your cell phone number to continue.
  5. Then input the captcha correctly.
  6. As soon as you click on Send OTP, an OTP will be delivered to your registered mobile phone number.
  7. When you receive a message with a one-time password (OTP), enter it into a field on this site.
  8. Will download eAadhar card, when the OTP is verified and your enrolment ID is provided.

Download eAadhar Card by Aadhar Number and Mobile Number:

eAadhar download from your 14-digit Aadhar number is now also possible! Please see the article below for instructions on how to enter your Aadhar card on their website. To get more information, you can follow the steps below. To download eaadhar card, you'll need to input your Aadhar number and mobile number.

Follow steps to eaadhar download:

  1. Go to the official “” website and look for the link to obtain Aadhar from the Aadhar number.
  2. Enter your Aadhar number, a 14-digit code, now.
  3. Read the captioned captcha carefully and input it in the blank box provided.
  4. When you receive the OTP to your cellphone number, you must enter it into the OTP field.
  5. Following submission of your OTP, your Aadhar card will be issued as an electronic document (PDF).
  6. As an alternative, you may also ‘download eadhar card Masked' There is a way to hide your Aadhar number.

Download EAadhar Card by EID Number:

You may now utilize the date that Aadhar downloaded your Aadhar card to download eadhar card. Aadhar card may be downloaded immediately by following the instructions below. Each person is issued an Aadhar card slip with the EID number on it. On this slip is the date when the Aadhar card was created. You may use this to download eAadhar card information.

  1. Aadhar card may be downloaded from an EID number by visiting the eaadhar card download website.
  2. Date and time are now printed on a slip holding your IED in the calendar that you were provided with the ENO option.
  3. Option to eaadhar download with masking: Yes or No.
  4. Correctly fill out the captcha.
  5. As an alternative, enter the OTP from the registered cell phone instead.
  6. Your Aadhar card is now available for download eaadhar.

Benefits of Link Aadhar Card to Pan Card:

  • Audit trail as a means to end fraud:

    The government has an audit trail by linking the Aadhar Card with the PAN Card. The Aadhar card is now needed for almost all transactions, and the link provides the income tax agency with a full audit trail. A substantial quantity of black money is produced in the economy due to a lack of an audit trail. This will be critical in avoiding revenue leakage.
  • Spotting multiple PAN Cards:

    This allows a firm to pay taxes on a certain set of financial operations using one card while hiding other accounts or transactions from income tax authorities with another card.
  • Profit for an individual taxpayer:

    Everyone must pay taxes after their PAN and Aadhaar are connected. The PAN card with Aadhar card link would be extremely beneficial for tax filing purposes since it would avoid the requirement for more complex procedures such as sending receipts to the IT department or e-signature.
  • Easier filing of returns:

    Taxpayers were previously obliged to keep their PAN card on them at all times in order to file taxes, but now they must also provide Aadhaar information. It will make it simple for taxpayers to file their paperwork online. An OTP issued to your Aadhaar-registered cell phone may be used to verify the authenticity of your returns (ITR-V).
  • How to Check Adhar Card Status Online:

    After completing the enrollment procedure for apply new Aadhaar Card at an Aadhaar Seva Kendra, you may check the status of your Aadhaar on the Unique Identification Authority of India's official website (UIDAI). To check the status, you'll need to enter the Enrolment ID (EID) and the date. The acknowledgment slip contains the date and EID information.


    • Visit “eaadharcard” site.
    • Click on ‘My eaadhar Download or check live status'.
    • On the next page, click on ‘Check Aadhaar Status’. The option can be found under the ‘Get Aadhaar’ section.
    • Next, enter the Aadhar Card EID, date, and captcha.
    • Verify Captcha.
    • Click on ‘Check Status’.

    If you have forgotten or lost your Aadhaar enrolment ID, you can retrieve it using your registered mobile phone number and download eaadhar card.

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