About PVC Aadhar Card:

The UIDAI is a government authority who issues aadhaar cards, and recently introduced a new form of aadhaar card. The PVC aadhaar card is innovative as it is durable and really easy to carry. The PVC Adhar card has more salient features then the regular aadhaar card. The PVC aadhaar card has digitally signed secure QR code, micro text, date of issue and print date, carved aadhaar logo and ghost image.

Features of PVC Aadhar Card:

The PVC aadhar card has been designed with some new security features which makes it more reliable. Here are some salient features of PVC aadhaar card:

  • The Aadhar PVC card is printed in really good quantity and laminated.
  • The PVC aadhar card is easy to carry and more durable.
  • The aadhar pvc card has some security features which makes it more reliable. The security features are micro text, hologram, Guilloche Pattern, ghost image, micro text and demographic information.
  • Has a digitally signed secure QR code on the PVC aadhar card.
  • With the help of PVC aadhaar card an individual can get instant offline verification through QR code.
  • There is a carved logo of aadhaar on the PVC card.
  • The aadhar PVC card is weather proof, an individual can carry it.

Who Can Apply For A Pvc Aadhar Card?

To apply for PVC aadhaar card any individual can enroll themself for it online. Anyone who owns an aadhaar card or eligible for applying for a new aadhaar card can apply for a PVC adhar card. To apply for PVC aadhaar card visit our website eaadhaar.com, there you can easily apply for PVC adhar card online. If you want to know about the steps to apply for a PVC aadhaar card read the paragraph mentioned below.

  1. The First step is to visit website of AADHAAR eadharcard.com.
  2. Visit My aadhaar option on home page.
  3. After that select the option of order aadhaar PVC card.
  4. A login page will be redirected, where an individual has to login theremself by entering their 12 digit aadhaar number.
  5. After that fill the captcha and enter on “Send OTP”.
  6. The OTP will be received on registered mobile number.
  7. Fill the OTP, you will get a preview copy of the PVC card.
  8. A payment page will be open, click on the payment option.
  9. An individual has to pay a minimal charge of Rs.50 to order an PVC aadhaar card.

Process to Check PVC Aadhaar Card Status:

After an individual has applied for the PVC adhar card and completed the payment, then they can check the status of their PVC aadhaar card online. To check the PVC aadhaar status go to our www.eadharcard.com website and follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  • Choose the my aadhaar option and Click on the option check aadhaar PVC card status from the get aadhaar column.
  • Go to check aadhaar PVC card status menu.
  • A new page will be displayed that will ask you to login by entering your 12 digit aadhaar number.
  • Fill the security code and enter the OTP sent on your registered mobile number.
  • Your aadhaar update status will be displayed on the screen.

PVC Aadhar Card Fees:

To get a new PVC aadhar an individual has to pay a nominal fee of Rupees 50(Inclusive of GST & Speed Post Charges). The PVC aadhaar card can be applied online and you will receive it in 15 working days, while applying for the PVC adhar card you need to pay the fee of rupees 50 online only.

What is SRN and AWB?

SRN Aadhar Card: SRN is service request number, it is a 28 digit number generated immediately after an individual has applied for a new aadhaar card or update or correction in aadhaar. The SRN number is mentioned on the acknowledgment slip. SRN number is generated for users to make it easy for them to check the status of their aadhaar card.

AWB Aadhar Card: AWB is an Airway Bill number which is generated by DoP, it is a tracking number to track your aadhaar status. The AWB number will be sent on your number from India post through SMS on your registered mobile. Once you receive the AWB number Visit India Post website to track the aadhaar.

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