Privacy Policy

E-aadhar website does not automatically take any specific personal information (such as name, mobile number or e-mail address) from Users, which allows us to fully identify.

This is a website that records you to visit and logs the following information for the fulfillment of statistical objectives, such as the IP address, server address, domain name, and the name of that top-level domain use the Internet in the device (for example, .Gov, .NET, .org, .com, .in, etc.), browser type, operating system, Visit date and time, web pages you see, The detected data and previous internet address by which you had directly linked to the website site.

There are no attempts to add these addresses to the identity of other people coming to our site, unless we know the effort to harm the site by a person. Ever checking or identified or identified users or their browsing activities are done, it is only done in the same case when a law enforcement agency can use warrants to inspect the log's logo.

If the e-base website requests you to provide any kind of personal information, you will be informed before that particular purpose, for which information is being collected by the website and personal information of any person on this website Sufficient protection measures have been taken to protect. E-aadhar card does not share any kind of data with any type of third party (public / private) nor does it work related to selling. Any information provided to this website will be safe from misuse, loss, unauthorized access or disclosure, change or destruction of any other type.


The cookie is a piece of code that sends the browser to the browser through an internet when users access the information and visit the site. This site does not use cookies.

Email management:

Here, the e-mail address of any user is recorded only when you send any message here. It is used only for the same purpose for which it has been provided by the user and you will not be added to the provider email to the mail list, your email address is not used for any other purpose of your permission. And without your consent email ID is not disclosed.

Collection of personal information:

If any other personal information is asked for you on this website then you will be already informed here. If you want to give information according to your wishes, otherwise the information is kept in the account. If any user ever feels that the principles specified in the privacy statement are not being followed, or you have any complaint or any other comment related to these principles, please use the mail given to you on the website Send notification.

Note: The use of the word "personal information" in this privacy statement is to display such information that your identity is clear or can be ensured proper.

Proper safety behavior:

To ensure the safety of personal information collected, measures related to appropriate security, such as technical, operational, administrative and physical control have been implemented.